About Casa Merchants

Casa Merchants is a family owned company. We strive to create a client centric business that is founded on integrity, quality and collaboration; Our mission is to provide you with high quality products and services at a competitive price.

Founded in 2013, Casa Merchants specializes in energy, clean water as well as waste management services and solutions.

We strive to leverage the experience, expertise and global presence of our partners to create affordable and environmentally friendly solutions to resolve the current water and energy crisis in Africa.

Corporate Headquarters
341 Rue de l'Isère
Quartier Bachkou, Maârif
Casablanca, 20420

Hours of Operation
Mon. to Fri.
08:30-19:00 GMT

Saturday 08:30-13:00 GMT

Tel: +212 5 22 850 851
      +212 5 22 850 853
      +212 5 22 810 478