Consulting Services

Because your challenges are our challenges, Casa Merchants offers you solutions and services for all water treatment technologies.

We put at your disposal international professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the field of water treatment, wastewater and desalination serving the agricultural and industrial sectors (including pharmaceutical, food, chemical, cosmetic, services, hotel, automotive, aerospace...etc.) to help you solve your problems, optimize the operation of your existing plants, as well as reduce operational costs and save energy in your plants.


Casa Merchants offers you to:

Make a free diagnosis of your water treatment and wastewater treatment plants, seawater desalination plants, and any related equipment (e.g., boilers, cooling towers, effluent treatment plants, zero discharge plants, etc.): this diagnosis will include the operation of the equipment, analysis of the key performance indicators of the plant, evaluation of your energy consumption, chemical consumption, maintenance procedures etc.

Analysis of the operating costs, energy consumption of your water treatment plant; and reduction of these costs by 3% to 5%.

Resolution of Technical Problems in your plants (including issues impacting system performance, or causing downtime, etc.). This includes any technical problem related to the station in terms of process, equipment, operation, chemicals, etc.

Free evaluation of your chemical consumption and advice on how to optimize the performance of the machine and reduce your costs.

Remote monitoring of your station (dashboard displaying key parameters of the machine accessible from your phone).

Training of the personnel responsible for the maintenance of the station to avoid a lack of follow-up resulting in damage to your investment.

Annual Maintenance Contract: extend the life of your station with an annual maintenance contract that allows regular monitoring of the station, preventive maintenance, regular change of consumables, resolution of problems as soon as they appear and emergency interventions 7/7.

Counter-Expertise: You are going to invest in a water treatment plant, and you need a second opinion, confirmation of direction, validation of the design of your plant, etc. to guarantee your success.

Engineering: Design your plant and share with you the appropriate documentation.


Finally, we are also an authorized stockholder/distributor for membranes and pumps from major players in the market for the North African region, which offers us an "exclusive" technical support.




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