Domestic & Swimming Pools

The team of Casa Merchants engineers offers you the following services:

  • Delivery, installation and start-up of residential water treatment systems
  • Control, follow-up, maintenance and spare parts delivery and installation for your existing domestic water filtration system
  • Swimming pool construction and technical hydraulic installations for your home

These services are proposed for all types of water :

  • Well water
  • Surface water
  • Brackish water
  • City water


The proposed processes and technologies proposed include:

  • Water filtration: microfiltration, ultrafiltration
  • Iron removal
  • Softening
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Sterilization: chlorination, UV lamps, ozonation


Domestic Reverse osmosis Osafia®

This systems guarantees a very pure drinking water, through the elimination of all undesired elements (germs, pesticides, nitrates, chlorine…) When buying a reverse osmosis system from Casa Merchants, you get a thorough follow-up.

Thanks to our centralized information system, our team reminds you when the spare parts (filtering cartridges, reverse osmosis membrane, etc.) has to be changed. For reverse osmosis systems treating city water, Casa Merchants recommends to change the filtering cartridges (activated carbon, and microfiltration cartridges) every 6 months. The membrane has a life .

All our domestic water treatment systems and spare parts represent the best price/quality ratio.

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