RO Chemicals

RO Chemicals

1- Anti Scalant: Anti- scalant chemicals are used to prevent the scaling & fouling of the RO membranes. Scale may consist of mineral fouling such as calcium sulfate, calcium carbonate, barium sulfate, silica, calcium fluoride, and strontium sulfate. The Anti-scallant dosing should be done before reaching the RO membranes to break up sulfate precipitates, calcium carbonate, and other mineral fouling.

Successful membrane cleaning relies on both the effectiveness of the cleaning compounds and the design and operation of the cleaning equipment. 

Casa Merchants can offer suggestions on cleaning system design and cleaning procedures to ensure the most effective results with reduced operational costs.”


RO Descaling: Membrane cleaning chemicals are highly effective for removing even the most stubborn scales and foulants from RO/NF membranes. Our membrane cleaning chemicals are formulated for all types of RO membrane systems, ranging from those used in Food and Beverage applications to Water Reuse applications.


RO Biocides: This slow-acting biocide is powerful against microbiological contaminants commonly found in RO applications including bacteria, fungi, and algae


Membranes sanitization chemicals: Chemicals such as NaOCl, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, and sodium hydroxide are commonly used as membrane cleaning agents.The membrane sanitization is a special product and recommended product which can be used once in a three-months to sanitize the membranes specially in drinking water and pharmaceutical companies.


Membrane preservative chemicals: RO membrane preservative is specially formulated to preserve RO membranes and systems by preventing biological growth during periods of non-operation.


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