Sea Water Desalination

Seawater desalination is a process in which salt and other constituents are removed to produce pure water.

Seawater desalination is most effective when implemented in water sectors with strong water policies, well-defined water resource availabilities and demand, and strong technical expertise. there are several options for desalination plants, water purification approaches, and potential energy sources for desalination (e.g. alternative energy such as wind). The characteristics of the saltwater, such as salinity, temperature, general level of contamination, etc greatly influences the choice of technology. Pre-treatment (e.g. micro filtering of algae from sea water) may be needed before starting the desalination processes, as along with advanced deposition processes for the waste stream (including cooling where necessary). Monitoring and environmental impact assessment should also be instituted, depending on plant size and waste disposal methods.


Advantages of Desalination of Seawater

l Desalination can greatly aid climate change adaptation, primarily through diversification of water supply and resilience to water quality degradation. Diversification of water supply can provide alternative or supplementary sources of water when current water resources are inadequate in quantity or quality. Desalination technologies also provide resilience to water quality degradation because they can usually produce very pure product water, even from highly contaminated source waters.

l Increasing resilience to reduced per capita freshwater availability is one of the key challenges of climate change adaptation. Both short-term drought and longer-term climatic trends of decreased precipitation can lead to decreased water availability per capita. These climatic trends are occurring in parallel with population growth, land use change, and groundwater depletion; therefore, rapid decreases in per capita freshwater availability are likely.

l Access to an adequate supply of freshwater for drinking, household, commercial and industrial use is essential for health, well being, and economic development and desalination can provide access to water for potentially water stressed or arid areas. In many settings, desalination processes can provide access to abundant saline waters that have been previously unusable.


Provides safe drinking water due to the high quality of output water. It can also provide water for other sectors such as industries that need very pure water sources like pharmaceuticals.


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