Industrial and Commercial

Casa Merchants offers a large variety of water treatment and solar pumping solutions.

You will find attached a global overview of our knowledge, our skills, our products and our technology solutions as well as our references.



The team of Casa Merchants engineers offers you the following services:

  • Delivery, installation and start-up of residential water treatment systems
  • Control, follow-up, maintenance and spare parts delivery and installation for your existing domestic water filtration system
  • Swimming pool construction and technical hydraulic installations for your home

Corporate Headquarters
341 Rue de l'Isère
Quartier Bachkou, Maârif
Casablanca, 20420

Hours of Operation
Mon. to Fri.
08:30-19:00 GMT

Saturday 08:30-13:00 GMT

Tel: +212 5 22 850 851
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      +212 5 22 810 478