​Elite Harvest Maroc

  Date of completion: 08-2020

  Service: Installation Osmose System

  Location:Sidi Yahya

  Water Capacity: 125 M3/H

  Duration of work: 2 months 

  Sector of activity: Food


EHM, a prominent producer and distributor of fresh fruit, faced a significant challenge at their Sidi Yahya location. Seeking to optimize water usage and bolster sustainability in their agricultural practices, EHM aimed to minimize environmental impact while ensuring operational efficiency.


Casamerchants, renowned for their expertise in water treatment solutions, collaborated closely with Elite Harvest Maroc (EHM) to develop and deploy an advanced water filtration system utilizing reverse osmosis technology. The primary goal was to purify water and achieve substantial reductions in water consumption and wastewater generation across various agricultural processes.


Casamerchants engineers conducted a thorough assessment of EHM's water usage patterns and designed a tailored water filtration osmosis system, capable of purifying 125 m³/h, to meet EHM's unique operational needs. The project was delivered within a tight timeline of two months, seamlessly integrating the reverse osmosis system into EHM's infrastructure while providing comprehensive training for efficient system management.


The impact of the water filtration system on EHM's agricultural sustainability was notable:

Water Conservation: The reverse osmosis system significantly decreased water consumption, aligning with EHM's commitment to sustainable water management.

Operational Efficiency: Enhanced water quality maintained EHM's high agricultural standards while reducing environmental impact.

Cost Savings: By reducing water usage and streamlining processes, EHM realized significant cost efficiencies, reflecting the success of the initiative in bolstering sustainability and operational effectiveness.