Sector of activity: Agricultural

  Service: Installation Osmosis System

  Water Capacity: 30 M3/H

  Date of completion: 2017 - 2018


  Duration of work: 3 months

Challenge - 1:

MABIOCO encountered a significant hurdle as the water available for their agricultural processes was excessively salty. This salinity issue posed a substantial obstacle, particularly in the cultivation of dates. The high salt content in the water hindered the growth and development of the crops, adversely affecting the overall productivity of MABIOCO's agricultural operations.

Challenge - 2:

In addition to the water quality challenge, MABIOCO faced another critical issue – the absence of a reliable source of electric power for their watering machines. The lack of electricity posed a significant constraint on their irrigation processes, impacting the efficiency and effectiveness of their agricultural operations.


CasaMerchants proposed a comprehensive solution to address the dual challenges faced by MABIOCO.

For the issue of salty water hindering date cultivation, CasaMerchants recommended and implemented an advanced water treatment system. This involved the installation of a reverse osmosis (RO) system with a production capacity of 30 m³/h. The RO system effectively purified the saline water, making it suitable for irrigation and mitigating the challenges posed by the high salt content.

To tackle the lack of a reliable source of electric power for watering machines, CasaMerchants designed and installed solar energy systems with a total capacity of 60 kW. This solar solution provided a sustainable and efficient power source, ensuring uninterrupted electricity supply for MABIOCO's watering machines, thereby enhancing the efficiency of their irrigation processes.


CasaMerchants executed the proposed solutions with precision and efficiency.

The installation of the reverse osmosis system and the solar energy systems was carried out at MABIOCO's farm in Arfoud. The team ensured that the systems seamlessly integrated with MABIOCO's existing infrastructure, minimizing disruptions to their agricultural operations.

The execution of the project, including the installation of the solar systems and the reverse osmosis system, was completed within the stipulated three-month contractual period. The project was successfully received and acknowledged on 11/02/2020.


The implementation of CasaMerchants' solutions yielded significant positive outcomes.

The reverse osmosis system effectively addressed the salinity issue in the water, enabling MABIOCO to successfully grow dates and other crops. This contributed to an improvement in the overall productivity of MABIOCO's agricultural operations.

The solar energy systems provided a reliable and sustainable source of electricity for MABIOCO's watering machines, overcoming the previous power constraints. This resulted in enhanced efficiency and effectiveness in their irrigation processes.

MABIOCO expresses its satisfaction with CasaMerchants' services and confirms that the solutions implemented have met their expectations.