Pastor Macao

  Date of completion: 2020

  Service: Installation Osmosis System

  Location: Casablanca

  Water Capacity: 15 M3/H

  Duration of work: 3 Months 

  Sector of activity: Food Production


Pastor Macao, a well-established company situated at 49 Rue Ennasrine, Beauséjour, Casablanca, entrusted CasaMerchants with a significant challenge. Seeking expertise in optimizing water usage and enhancing sustainability within their manufacturing processes, PASTOR MACAO was committed to minimizing environmental impact without compromising operational efficiency.


CasaMerchants, renowned for pioneering water treatment solutions, collaborated closely with PASTOR MACAO to develop and deploy an advanced water filtration system utilizing reverse osmosis technology.

The primary goal of this system was not only to purify water for diverse industrial processes but also to make substantial strides in minimizing water consumption and the generation of wastewater.


CasaMerchants engineers conducted a thorough assessment of PASTOR MACAO's water usage patterns, pinpointing crucial areas for enhancement. Drawing on their proficiency in water treatment, they proposed a bespoke water filtration osmosis system designed to meet the unique requirements and operational scope of PASTOR MACAO's facilities.

The implementation process seamlessly integrated the osmosis system into PASTOR MACAO's existing infrastructure, guaranteeing minimal disruption to ongoing operations. CasaMerchants also delivered comprehensive training to the PASTOR MACAO team, ensuring adept system management and efficient utilization.


The influence of CasaMerchants' water filtration system on PASTOR MACAO's sustainability endeavors was noteworthy:

  1. Water Conservation: The implementation of the reverse osmosis system resulted in a substantial decrease in water consumption across diverse processes, aligning with PASTOR MACAO's dedication to sustainable water management.
  2. Operational Efficiency: The system enhanced water quality, upholding PASTOR MACAO's industrial processes' high standards while mitigating environmental impact.
  3. Cost Savings: Through the reduction of water usage and streamlined processes, PASTOR MACAO realized significant cost efficiencies.