Espace Cosmetique

   Sector of activity: Cosmetic

 Date of completion: 2021

  Duration of work: 3 Months

  Service: Demineralization System

  Location: Casablanca

  Water Capacity: 230 M3/H


In the specialized realm of cosmetics production, Espace Cosmetique entrusted CasaMerchants with a substantial challenge. Seeking our expertise in water treatment, they required a demineralization system with a robust 230m3/h capacity.

The project, situated in Casablanca, held the unique aspect of catering to the exacting standards of water quality crucial for cosmetics manufacturing.


CasaMerchants, known for pioneering water treatment solutions, collaborated closely with Espace Cosmetique to address their challenge.

Our team worked diligently to design and implement an advanced demineralization system, showcasing our proficiency in water treatment technologies.

The primary goal of this system extended beyond mere demineralization. It aimed to provide a reliable and high-capacity solution for Espace Cosmetique while contributing to the overall improvement of water quality in Casablanca.  


Our engineers undertook a comprehensive assessment of Espace Cosmetique's requirements, pinpointing crucial areas for enhancement. Drawing on our expertise in water treatment, we proposed a demineralization system with a 230m3/h capacity, tailored to meet the unique needs and operational scope of Espace Cosmetique's facilities.

The implementation process seamlessly integrated the demineralization system into Espace Cosmetique's existing infrastructure, ensuring minimal disruption to ongoing operations. CasaMerchants also provided comprehensive training to the Espace Cosmetique team, ensuring adept system management and efficient utilization.


The impact of CasaMerchants' demineralization system on Espace Cosmetique's operations was impressive:

  1. Capacity and Reliability: The demineralization system, with its 230m3/h capacity, not only met but exceeded Espace Cosmetique's requirements, providing a reliable and efficient solution.
  2. Water Quality Enhancement: The system significantly improved water quality, upholding Espace Cosmetique's commitment to delivering high standards in water treatment.
  3. Operational Efficiency: Through the seamless integration of the demineralization system, Espace Cosmetique realized enhanced operational efficiency and reliability.